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Fission Trading: Automated Divergence Trading System

Updated: Oct 19, 2020

Hey you!

I just wanted to share about a fantastic product that was created by a personal friend of mine. He worked with a slew of amazing programmers to develop an automated trading system (for Ninjatrader 8) that works off of divergences. He spent hundreds of hours in research and development, trying to create the perfect trading system (that happens to work GREAT in choppy markets, mind you).

Note that this is essentially a discretionary trading system, and is not something that is recommended to be run 24/7. You would employ it (like many other systems) when the conditions are right, but taking all of the guess-work out of the equation!

Right now, the Fission Autotrader is on sale for $999, but he also has a subscription-based model where you can pay on a monthly basis (174/mo). You can also buy it at a dramatically reduced cost as a stand-alone indicator, and simply trade off of the signals ($149). The autotrader also has the ability to employ trailing stops, multiple contracts, and has a neat overlay where you can manage the trade outside of Ninjatrader's controls.

If you'd like more info, or to purchase Fission Autotrader, please visit

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